By Fred Binczewski  MHA
July 1, 2020

Just when you thought it was safe to go swimming again, California’s Governor Newsom brought back many closure guidelines and impactions for most of the counties in the state. San Diego County is one of the few where restrictions have been somewhat relaxed if this is the new norm. This brings me to a point of reflection based on the volume and diversity of pandemic information that seems to fill our daily lives from all directions. Whether it’s blogs, federal and state centers of information, media, home spun variations on fact and fiction or lastly personal interpretations of data and informational conversations, the truth is, we are being bombarded.

Getting the most up to date relevant information for all of us is a must in these times. With that said, I wanted to share a site with you all that brings the severity of Covid-19 and its’ implications nationwide for your discussion and interpretation.  The nationwide implications of this pandemic can now be seen as a new tool designed by the researchers and collaboratives from Harvard Global Health Institute and several other scientific educational research universities. The following illustration shows the color coded map of the United States and the variant areas of possible risk levels.

As you enter at you will find the key to locate your specific county or city and have the ability to discern up- to- date information regarding the severity of Covid-19 at a local level based on your specific color code, green, brown, yellow, and red. Having this now all under one umbrella of data gives all of us the opportunity to not only see real pandemic numbers per 100,000 cases, but also allows us to compare our local statistical analytics to other cities and counties nationwide. This is an excellent representation and resource for the metrics regarding the spread and severity of U.S. Covid-19. Our sincere thanks to Harvard University, Georgetown University and all the other collaborators for making this possible.

With the most recent increase this week in positive case numbers for Florida, Arizona and California, this tool may become the new daily reminder for all of us. It can also form our decision making in regards to shopping, travel and other basic needs and wants.

In closing, from all of us at UpriseCG, I would like to also express our deepest gratitude to all healthcare workers globally. Stay safe and diligent. See you next week in…. This week in HealthCare

Source: Harvard Global Health Institute

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