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Uprise Consulting Group (Uprise) works collaboratively with our client partners to create custom tailored denials and financial solutions to fit the organization’s specific needs. We work side by side with you and your staff to mentor and train for sustainability beyond the projection completion date. Uprise extrapolates big data into user friendly information. We then use this data to identify revenue opportunities and cost savings.

Denials Resolution

Uprise Consulting Group, Inc.’s (Uprise) Denials Management Dashboard brings an extremely user friendly interface, for healthcare executives and upper management, showing the current landscape of the organizations denials.

Our Denials Resolution Team (DRT) utilizes the client’s dashboard information and our consulting methodology to work side by side with your team to eliminate preventable denials at the root cause.

By resolving denials at the root cause, Uprise provides long-term sustainable net revenue increases and reductions in follow-up staff expenses.

Uprise maintains and monitors the client’s dashboard in real time providing continuous feedback of any denial spikes to ensure preventable denials stay resolved.

Revenue Cycle Solutions

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